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Forge Logo Stencil

This plastic sheet stencil can be used to spray or paint on the Forge logo onto an intercooler and more! For the best result: Use masking tape to secure the stencil in a fixed position, double check the location and cover any other components you do not wish to get paint on (fenders, bumpers, reservoirs etc). Spray the paint about 300mm away from the stencil. For the best finish, apply two or three thin layers - This will give an even paint coverage and avoid runs. Wait for the paint to dry between layers. Wait for paint to dry completely and remove stencil.

£5.90 ex. VAT
Forge Motorsport Banner

Grab yourself a Forge Motorsport Banner to hang in your garage, bedroom or even your office! Proudly display your love for Forge Motorsport for everyone to see. There are Grommets fixed around the edge of the banner for ease of hanging. The Banner Measures: 0.91 Metres (3ft) x 1.82 Metres (6ft)

£36.75 ex. VAT
Forge Motorsport Boost  Gauge Lanyard

The Forge Motorsport lanyard can be worn around the neck or wrist and is ideal for small electronic devices such as phones, cameras, MP3 players, flash drives, keys and anything you don’t wish to lose or wish to keep visible at all times. Both the Forge Motorsport original and germanic font is printed on the laynard, along with the Forge Lion. This design also incorporates a bottle opener.

£4.81 ex. VAT
£10.42 ex. VAT
£26.24 ex. VAT